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Challenge 592

Over the Side

  1. In Ron Van Sweringen’s “My Heart Has Wings,” Carl receives a letter from William that is addressed specificially to him. Why does he have his mother read it? Why doesn’t he read it himself?

  2. In Charles C. Cole’s “Let Him Eat Cake,” what “problem” might Vance be referring to?

  3. In Sarah Ann Watts’ Winter Ship, “The Lady Karishma”:

    1. Kyran says he has been in thrall to “some higher purpose” all his life. What does he mean?
    2. Is Kyran’s reproach to Clara, that she is a tease, justified?
    3. Is Kyran’s abject groveling to Clara justified? If it’s a prudent strategy of self-protection, what makes Clara dangerous?
  4. In Christopher E. Nelson’s “Shrisaelte and Dani”:

    1. Would the story change significantly if the “ghost” scene on the ice floe were omitted?
    2. Why does Shrisaelte hide the truth about Dani from his son?
    3. What presumably happened to Dani’s family?
    4. What sequels might have been possible if Dani had survived?

  5. Responses welcome!

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