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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 594

Cryptic Voyage

  1. In LaKimbra McKinley’s “Hold on to My Feets”:

    1. How does the narrator avoid involving her children in her conflicts with the underworld?
    2. The word “feets” is a regularization of “feet,” something one would expect in a dialect. How does the word also make a pun that offers the children sound motherly advice?

  2. In Charles C. Cole’s “Rare Dining,” how might a knowledge of French add to Molly’s enjoyment of the chef’s conversation?

  3. In Stacey Margaret Jones’ “Stay Put, Herr Kafka”:

    1. To what extent does Professor Ticha’s story require the reader to be familiar with the works and literary reputation of Franz Kafka?
    2. The invocation of the spell “Bleiben!” seems to have failed, and Franz Kafka has the last laugh. In what way does the professor herself play a Kafkaesque role with her student?

  4. In Sarah Ann Watts’ Winter Ship, “Soul Thief”:

    1. In chapter 13, “Rude Awakening,” Kyran dives overboard to save the ship. In chapter 18, why do the Guardians seem so ungrateful?
    2. The Guardians refer to Kyran’s “curse.” Others have mentioned it in previous chapters. Has anyone ever said exactly what that curse is? Does Kyran himself know?

    3. In chapter 17, “The High Prince Jirair,” Kyran refers to Kras as a “soul thief.” Does the term appear to refer to more than Kras’s paranormal abilities as a shape-shifter?

    4. The Guardians seem to tell Kyran everything except what he needs to know. What might they be hiding from him?

    Responses welcome!

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