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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 607

Watching the Watcher

  1. In John W. Steele’s The Chronicle of Belthaeous, “To What Does ‘One’ Reduce”: Any number can be “reduced” to one — i.e. unity — by dividing it by itself. What dividend would “reduce” 1 or any number to infinity?

  2. In Kelly Weber’s “Junie B. May Meets a Dragon”:

    1. How does Junie B. May find out how dragons procreate?
    2. In another story, might the townspeople try to find out who the old dragon was and try to make friends with it?

  3. In Joe Pitkin’s “The Lamp of the Body”:

    1. What two organizations are represented by the symbol of a lighthouse? What might the leitmotifs of light and lighthouses imply?
    2. When Sandra is suspended for a week, what does she discover about the condition of her apartment? Did Sandra’s mental state exist before she began working at Panopticon?

    3. A Nemesis report describes Dora as having every mental illness in the book, including many diagnoses that are duplicative or obsolete. What is the effect of the report?

    4. According to the man Sandra questions, Dora saw something move from the “night quadrant” to the “day quadrant.” What might Dora have seen? Might it be due to something Sandra will have done?

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