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The Chronicle of Belthaeous

by John W. Steele

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Chapter 31: Belthaeous Remembers

part 2

Belthaeous drew a heavy sigh. “Thank you, my dear. Your courage has granted us valuable time. It is important that you understand the purpose for my incarnation into this density. You play an important part in the future of souled humanity, and though you are not fully awakened, your heart holds great stores of Light energy.

“The tale of old Earth is a mystery filled with woe. When I descended from the pure light to enter the midst of this dungeon, which is the prison of the body, this world was a far different place. But already the Supreme Archon Mammon had defied the celestial hierarchy and declared that he would penetrate this sector of the cosmos.

“I came before him to reveal the scourge of the Vampire theocracy about to infest this dimension. Many scorned me and laughed at my prophecy. But there were ancients in those days, Light beings who understood the configurations of the stars and the premonitions that Mother Earth revealed in Nature. There were many who heeded my warning and left this sector of creation before the infestation of Demons and Archons arrived here to enslave humanity.

“When Mammon understood I was a force to be reckoned with, he came to me with a challenge.

“For many seasons, I sat in meditation at the mouth of a cave in the desert, awaiting the arrival of the Galactic Master of the negative polarity. At the conclusion of a terrifying storm, a dark figure appeared in the distance. It slithered through the sand and halted a respectful distance before me.

“The serpent lifted its mighty head and inflated its hood. ‘I am the will of Mammon,’ it said, ‘and I have come to offer you the Wheel of Empire.’

“I remained still and said nothing.

“‘My name is Lucifer. Surely you are not so smug that you profess to hold the sum of all wisdom this world has to offer?’

“I replied, ‘You will not beguile me with the fetters of Samsara, demon. I have penetrated vast emptiness and there is nothing holy in this vile creation.’

“The serpent hissed, ‘How can one of the positive polarity understand the mind of the negative? If not for us, those of your awareness would remain in ignorance. We brought you freedom from indenture in the garden.’

“‘You brought us death and eternal slavery in a virtual reality that will surely pass away,’ I replied. ‘How can there be freedom in a creation where Light beings are tortured and exploited unmercifully?’

“The snake’s tongue darted from its mouth, and it whispered in a sweet voice, ‘You see what we’ve envisioned for our slaves. But there is another reality here. Allow me show you what I grant those who worship me, those of my family.’

“I refused. ‘You have nothing I want, demon. Be gone. I have not yet finished my mission in this dimension.’

“A great silence ensued and I could feel the viper’s strength deep in the corners of my awareness.

“It continued: ‘I see visions within visions, Belthaeous. How can you attain supreme wisdom unless you have tasted the wonders of my design? Are you afraid of what ecstasy may reveal within you?’

“‘I fear nothing,’ I said, ‘but your gifts are poison and your favors are traps and snares that only serve to further the depravity of your creation.’

“‘Then one of your knowledge should have little difficulty avoiding them,’ the serpent replied. ‘You will never attain supreme enlightenment unless you are stronger and wiser than I am. Did not the Buddha spend the majority of his lifetimes lost in the rapture of my pleasure gardens?’

“‘Unless you have understood the full spectrum of my creation from the perspective of those who adore this realm, you will return to the Pronia a beggar that cast away a jewel for the illusion of enlightenment. Allow me to grant you the Wheel of Empire that you may experience the rapture of my earthly design. And only then can we accurately fathom the depth of our wisdom.’

“I contemplated his reason, knowing full well the cost of his words. But I knew he was right, I would never truly understand the mind of the negative until I surrendered to its design. I teetered at the rim of ambivalence. I alone hold the key to my enlightenment and I had not struggled so hard to remain forever blind to what mind has conceived.

“The serpent’s head weaved side to side. ‘Such a pity those who fear the dark, for they are like a one-eyed man who remains forever confined in a grayscale prison of myopic perception. You are not free, Belthaeous; your wisdom is incomplete. The negative polarity holds great magic, but all you will ever know is the borders of your imagination.’ The snake lowered its head and turned to the desert.

“‘Wait, Demon! I accept your challenge, and I will emerge victorious!’

“The serpent turned and faced me. From the center of its brow, a beam of crystalline energy shot forth. A pressure formed in my skull, and I fell into a swoon. When I aroused from the stupor, the Eye of Mammon sat like a regal jewel upon my forehead.

“‘Welcome to the family,’ he said. ‘The glory of my creation is now yours to enjoy. Allow yourself to revel in the rapture of the deep sleep.’ His hood deflated, he turned and crawled back into the dessert.”

Mindy sat as though bewitched. “Why did you resist this gift, my Lord. It sounds like the dream of everyone’s imaginings, including my own.”

“It will serve no purpose to reveal my fate after the downfall, my beloved consort. The effect of absolute power will remain forever unchanged. I will say only that the depth of my depravity grew until it knew no limits. The Service to Self polarity does not exist beyond the Fifth, for in that dimension one has reached the pinnacle of the Matrix, and at that point there is no more energy to exploit. Beyond the Fifth Vampirism, rebirth is inconceivable.

“The negative has cut itself off from the True Light of creation and it knows it will surely die. Only total emancipation from the Matrix leads to eternal life, freedom, wisdom, and purpose.

“But there is a deeper secret hidden from mankind I would have never discovered without the serpent’s prodding. In this three-dimensional hologram wrought with suffering and folly, both the positive and the negative polarity were created by the same god, the ancient Yahweh, the Lord of illusion. Good and evil serve the same master.”

Mindy sat transfixed and shaking her head.“I cannot fathom this wonder, my Lord. It defies everything I have learned since I was a child. Is it not blasphemy to entertain such imaginings? I don’t know if I can accept these beliefs.”

The Avatar’s face softened. “It matters little what you believe, my darling. Belief is not the same as knowing. I will love you always and, for me, life without you would be little more than a curse. Our love will be our only doctrine, and through this indomitable force we shall create our own universe.”

A tear drained her eye and asked, “How is it you lost the Eye, Belthaeous?”

“When a man is granted all he ever longed for, when there is nothing more to possess, all that remains is the curse of desire. Mammon’s heart is an unquenchable inferno, a ravenous black hole insatiable and devoid of peace.

“Throughout my sojourn in the realms of passion, my faithful chela Jerus remained dutifully at my side. I knew, even when he was a child, Jerus would evolve as the true heir to the Dharma. I placed the seal of inka upon him while he was yet a chela in the monastery. Jerus understood Mammon’s power and remembered the venerated Lama Rinpoche I had been before my downfall.

“When I at last understood completely that I had deserted my mission for the love of wisdom, I decided to sever my ties with this earthly shell. By the light of a full moon, I attempted to abort this incarnation through a concoction of hemlock and laudanum. When Jerus discovered me, I lay prostrate on the floor in a pool of blood.

“As an act of veneration for the patriarch he once knew, Jerus severed Mammon’s addiction to my energy. It was then, as I hovered at the brink of oblivion, that my faithful priest removed the Eye of Mammon from my brow.

“Aided by the Aeons of Light, they transported my body to the Cave of the Ancients where I remained sealed on the Bardo for a very long time.

“But a great catharsis can be found in oblivion, my sweet. Time stills to a halt on the Bardo, and my soul had an eon to heal. Though I came here to fulfill a noble cause, I now understood the force of the negative in a way no scholar ever could. But I remained powerless to awaken from the trance, and I lingered in the bowels of this purgatory until the time arrived that I would face my greatest challenge against Mammon and his legions.”

Mindy gazed at her lover. Her eyes filled with tears. “I do not know how long I’ve loved you, Belthaeous. All my life, I have adored the thought of you, envisioned you in my dreams, and longed for you in my imaginings. Through my tears and sorrows, I have waited a lonely lifetime for someone of your depth and sincerity to appear and rescue me from the loneliness that is my life.

“But now that I’ve found you, you tell me you are incomplete, and that you may cease to exist. I feel a great sense of loss already. But I will not wait for another such as you. If you face oblivion, then I will journey there with you. To be with you in eternal emptiness would be preferable to a life without ever knowing the wonder of your love. What must I do, my king, to remain at your side for eternity?”

Belthaeous raised his hand to her cheek and wiped away a tear with his thumb. “You must return the Eye to me, my darling. It is the only way I can return from the depths of oblivion and aid in the rescue of mankind. I offer you my heart, and I will never forsake you. But our path together will not be easy. To destroy the will of Mammon on his own turf will require the courage and determination of sovereign intelligence.”

Mindy took his hand in hers. “I will serve you any way you wish, Belthaeous, for the wellspring of your heart brings life to my soul. But I remain ensnared in the chakra whirlpool, and I am powerless to move beyond its forces.”

“I will release you from the bondage of Mammon’s curse, my love. When my magic awakens, I will deliver you from the shackles of demonic enslavement.”

A glimmer oif hope twinkled in the Siren’s eyes. “Where is the Eye now, and who holds this power?”

The air leaked from the Avatar’s lungs, and his shoulders drooped. “The one you know as Neumann now has possession of the Eye.”

The Buddha-like eyes fell shut, and he drifted deep into the ocean of hypercosmic infinitude.

Mindy took his hand and kissed it tenderly. Lonely tears fell like a gentle rain to his robe. She made a silent vow, and then turned and left the chamber.

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Copyright © 2014 by John W. Steele

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