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Challenge 620

What Time Will It Have Been?

  1. In Susie Hawes’ “Just to Talk,” in what way or ways do the “goddess” and her priestly acolyte seem compatible?

  2. In Don Webb’s “The Glass Jar Present”:

    1. How many generations separate Fil from Phillip?
    2. Why might one say that is Fil engaged in archeology as well as in scavenging?
    3. How does the artifact illustrate the meaning of “present” not only as “gift” but also in terms of the epigraph?
  3. In Martin Westlake’s “Something Missing”:

    1. What is the only thing in Brian’s life that causes him any semblance of real emotion?
    2. The missing 29 minutes might have come out of a Star Trek episode or an alien-abduction scenario. If the missing minutes are an effect, they need to be explained. If they’re a cause, what purpose do they serve?

  4. In Gary Clifton’s “Circles in the Sand”:

    1. What stereotypes does the characterization employ?
    2. Who double-crosses whom?
    3. Liz poisons almost everything she touches. How does she avoid poisoning herself?
    4. What is the “Kaminsky Cartel”?
    5. What does it mean that Defense and Justice would go to great lengths to investigate the incident but that “Langley” would have no knowledge of it?

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