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Challenge 660

Bang, You’re Sane

  1. In Charles C. Cole’s “Brother Jacinto’s Mission”:

    1. Why isn’t Toby suicidal?
    2. In what way is “Brother Jack” offering a “deal with the devil”?
  2. In Terry L. Mirll’s “Karat Cake,” what event in part 13 might make readers suspect that Lohman’s appearing in Grunt clothing, so to speak, is not voluntary? But if it isn’t his plan, whose might it be?

  3. In Morris Marshall’s “That Unstable Summer,” what is the sequence of events leading up to Jeff Donnell’s arrest? Is Jeff detached from reality? Does the incident with the shotgun imply that bipolar disorder might be treated with loud noises?

  4. In Elous Telma’s “Frank and Fish,” even if the reader has forgotten that Frank is in a trance, what does Frank do that confirms he is in a dream-like state?

  5. In Mike Acker’s “Stains”:

    1. What kind of “angel” is repelled by the very possibility of contrition?
    2. From what point of view might the poem be seen as fair? Why might it be seen as unfair? Might it be considered toxic?

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