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Reaching Beyond

by Douglas Young

Driving down highways on a moonlit night,
I scan the skies for the ultimate sight;
For what could be more thrilling than UFOs,
And not just lights, but really up close?

Hovering above our modern land,
UFOs give hope there’s more than man.
They are angels and ghosts of a godless age,
Punctuating doubts on our secular page.

We still hunger for a sign of the divine,
A close encounter of an unearthly kind
For, even if we reject ancient myths,
How we yearn to believe there’s more than this.

So we welcome a sight beyond comprehension,
Even of creatures from another dimension;
Who wants to believe we’re all alone
And there are no worlds outside our own?

I want to know what’s near and far,
From a next door planet or distant star;
So eager I am to meet what’s beyond here
That I might risk facing terrible fear.

But how would I react if aliens got near?
Might I panic and flee like a terrified deer?
Yet how fun to fantasize that I would reach out,
Eagerly embracing whatever came about.

So I read witness accounts
And watch programs on TV,
Try to overcome doubts
And hope someday to see.

It’s the stubborn search that counts,
The joy of a mystery,
A desire to believe despite our doubts
That defines so much of our history.

Copyright © 2016 by Douglas Young

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