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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 670

Them Dry Stones

  1. In Heather J. Frederick’s interview, what would you like to ask the author?

  2. In Ian Roumain’s “The Kerala Princess”:

    1. What might be the function of the noisy radiator in the story?
    2. Does the hermit seem to be as affected by the emeralds as Grenier, Yves, and the lurker?
  3. In Nicole Smith’s “Everybody Has It”:

    1. Can you think of another title?
    2. How does the story describe literally the figure of speech “emotional baggage”?
    3. At the end, Andi rejects happiness in favor of her accumulated misery because “it is all she has ever known.” Is it true? Is it a sufficient reason? Is her regression believable?
  4. In Jill Hand’s “Louie and Nick”:

    1. What is the real origin of the phrase “stuff that dreams are made of”?
    2. At the end, what will happen to Tesla’s notes? Why does Louie destroy one set without taking a photocopy back to the future?
    3. What appears to be the purpose of the story?

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