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Bewildering Stories

Remembering Ron

by Bill Bowler

I remember reading Ron Van Sweringen’s “Rupert and the Girls’ Night Out” when it first came in. It was the first story I had read, in my sheltered existence, that depicted a transgender point of view and characters in forthright 3-D and not only without bias or stereotype but without even a hint that there was anything but the most ordinary things being depicted. The story was so good-natured, and the humor of such belly-laugh variety, I was rather taken aback.

Ron went on to send us a remarkable number of well-written, well-told tales, with a variety of characters, settings, tones and moods, but all conveying his warmth, optimism, and idealism. It is an impressive body of work, worth reading and rereading, and we will miss him sorely.

Bill Bowler
Chief Coordinating Editor
Bewildering Stories

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date Copyright September 26, 2016 by Bewildering Stories

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