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I’ll Listen to Bach

by Douglas Young

As the world I knew continues to disappear,
Replaced by new norms that largely elicit fear,
I refuse to merely graze with the flock;
Instead I decline and listen to Bach.

As old standards plunge and few are held to account,
Traditions get expunged and needless troubles mount,
Rather than parrot the dominant talk,
I cling to the past and listen to Bach.

As morals slide like water over a fall
And, if you complain, then you’ve got too much gall,
I no longer care if I’m the one they mock
Since I stick to principles and listen to Bach.

As more folks eagerly search for a slight,
Hoping to find an excuse for a fight,
I avoid them to climb on my rock,
Mind my affairs and listen to Bach.

And while religious conviction so rapidly declines
And believers cowed by seculars sit on their behinds,
I will not compromise or veer from my walk,
For I embrace my faith and listen to Bach.

Copyright © 2016 by Douglas Young

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