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Thank-You Notes

We frequently receive grateful notes for selections in the Quarterly Reviews and, especially, the Annual Reviews. While replies to thank-you notes are not customary, we do like to acknowledge them, because they’re just plain good for morale. Only one is named, because a title is cited.

Thanks so much! I’m honored.

Wow! What wonderful news! Happy holidays!

That’s really great news, Don! Thank you very much. I wish you an excellent festive season and very happy, healthy and rewarding New Year.

That’s wonderful news and quite an honor. I’ll do a blog post about it and post on FB as well. My thanks to you and all at Bewildering Stories.

Thanks to all who worked on the awards and thanks again to all for the honor. It means a lot to me and I’m sure it does to the other recipients. Best wishes for a Happy New Year,

Thank you, Don. I have submitted so little this year to anywhere and I am delighted with this. It’s a surprise! I hope you have had a good Christmas. Normal subs will be resumed asap.

I am very grateful to the extremely hardworking editorial team at Bewildering Stories for their wonderful support of my work over the past five years in which ten poems and three stories have been published, sometimes after considerable editorial input and rewriting. Thank you for not just supporting, but for enhancing.

A big thank you to Donald Webb and everyone at Bewildering Stories for selecting “Oikos Nannion” to be represented in the 2016 Mariner Awards!

This is great news for the Athenian cat Nannion, and we both wish you all the best for the holidays and the new year, which will bring an extensively reworked version of the story, following the wonderful feedback I have received through BwS. (And my mom!) — Andreas Androutsellis-Theotikis

And our thanks to you all! Bewildering Stories wishes you a Happy New Year, as well. Please keep up the good work!

Responses welcome!

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