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The Old and New Years

To celebrate the change of the calendar year, complete with its “leap second,” I sent “Happy Old Year” as thank-you message to all our editors for their part in making Bewildering Stories what it has been in 2016. Since BwS is a big operation, that’s a lot of editors! Herewith three replies. We thank them for their kind words. And we have information of general interest.

Happy Old and New Year to you too! Bewildering Stories is a great e-zine and I think everyone does a fantastic job. I’m not aware of any magazine or e-zine that works with writers the way Bewildering Stories does. You do a great job at the bottom of the funnel, holding it in place. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of the fun.

And thanks to you Don for all you do, which is plenty and then some. ’Bottom Funneler’ hardly does justice to all your work at BwS. Cheers to ’17.

Thank you, both! As I like to say, “A good word goes a long way.” Rather than keep the term “Bottom Funneler” as an in-joke, I’ll explain it to the reading public.

As Managing Editor, I don’t fancy myself as sitting on the point of an organizational pyramid. Ouch! Rather, I’m at the bottom of a funnel that leads from our special editors and from our Associate Editors (review readers) to the Coordinating Editors to me. If there’s any pyramid-building to be done, I take the finely chiseled blocks and shove them into place. — Don W.

Happy New Year! That was a lovely message you sent out to BwS staff. And thank you for the mention and promoting reviews in general. :) BwS is an amazing group, and the credit for the fine publication goes directly to you. At least from my experience and from other editors with whom I’ve spoken, you do such an amazing job; the departments wouldn’t run so smoothly without your management. I’ve had a wonderful time being a part of it so far, and I hope that I can continue to contribute and be helpful in whatever way I can. — Alison McBain

Thanks to you, too, Alison. Reviews have always been one of BwS’ “hidden treasures.” I’m trying to think of a way to promote that department as well as others, to make them more visible.

The “Old Year” message reminds veteran contributors that they are eligible to submit excerpts of their own works or book or film reviews of their choice.

You — as well as our previous editors, Jerry Wright and Danielle L. Parker — have already set excellent examples of thoughtful and informative book reviews. And good examples can be followed. A Reviews Editor who review-reads reviews? Why not? You, too, can be a “Bottom Funneler”!

BwS is not exactly a public space, like social media. We don’t publish stand-alone press releases or reviews by anyone unknown to us. Rather, we function as a kind of “members’ club” that extends privileges to veteran contributors. And we’re by no means exclusive; our objective is to open doors and provide opportunities.

Happy New Year! And, as we like to say, keep up the good work!

Don Webb
Managing Editor
Bewildering Stories

Responses welcome!

date Copyright January 2, 2017 by Bewildering Stories

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