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by Don Webb

Alison McBain, our Reviews Editor, sends some interesting news. It’s always nice to be rated highly in popularity, especially in an annual poll of such long standing as that of Preditors and Editors.

Bewildering Stories is in the “Fiction ’Zine” category and, glory be, the “Zine Editors,” as well:

Our thanks to Preditors and Editors and to all who voted for us!

I have a few thoughts on the process and can offer our contributors and editors alike some practical advice.

First, the process. I’ve never known quite what to make of Preditors and Editors, for a number of reasons:

Now, the practical advice. Bewildering Stories has no objection to our authors’ self-promotion. Quite the contrary; it’s a rare treat if anyone else does it for you. And word of mouth advertising is the best there is.

Again, P&E deserves credit for trying to give us a sense of what the Internet is doing. That may be a hopeless task. However, Bewildering Stories offers refuge as a large “island” — perhaps even a small continent — on that “chaotic sea.” As the saying goes, “The natives are friendly.” We welcome visitors and encourage you to spread the word.

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