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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 702

Keep Off the Grass

  1. In Stephen Ellams’ “Love Letters Never Sent,” how do the letters describe a cycle in the relationship? Does it end or reach an indeterminate state?

  2. In Ed Kyatt’s “A Dance by the Lake”:

    1. What elements does the story have in common with Paul Lees-Haley’s “The Old Man and the Pond”?
    2. How do the two stories differ?
  3. In David Castlewitz’ “Red Eye”:

    1. The story is set in what geographical locale and in what “alternate future” time?
    2. What is the general political situation? The Hera State versus whom?
    3. Why does Mary Grant want to risk a public hanging?
    4. Why does Ryan not want to return to headquarters? What “angry questions” will he face?
  4. In Rick Pearson’s “Quiet Time Has Begun”:

    1. How plausible is it that SETI would have no means of alerting the U.S. government of First Contact with space aliens?
    2. Is it even necessary to contact the government? Wouldn’t the whole world know about the alien message immediately?
    3. If space aliens landed on the White House lawn, where would the President order them deported to?

  5. Responses welcome!

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