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Hi Don,

Thank you once again for facilitating Alison’s review of Fault Lines. The quality of your magazine is reflected in her work.

As you know, many editors do not care for issue poetry. It’s always reassuring to know others care about the issues of our times.

Best regards,


[Don W.] And thank you, Gary. As I like to say, “A good word goes a long way.” You are right: Alison has continued admirably the work begun by our late publisher Jerry Wright and our previous Reviews editor, Danielle L. Parker.

BwS’ Reviews index is one of our “hidden treasures.” And it ought not to be hidden. For starters, all authors on the list would do well to post on their social media live links to the reviews of their work. That would be good for them and BwS, as well.

Do many editors not care for “issue poetry”? I really did not know that. In fact, I’m surprised. As Spider-Man once said, “Life is problems.” If anything is an “issue” it’s worth talking about; that’s why we have language, not to mention writing.

I don’t review poetry, myself, but anyone who has even glimpsed one of my reviews knows I confront issues head-on. Others are welcome to do the same, of course: “Come right in, your table’s waiting.” Admittedly, though, the BwS “cabaret” can’t be as big as life, and we have to find room where we can.

As for editors who wish to avoid the issues of the day, I’ll bring the hammer down. Poetry about current issues are one of the major reasons that the tomb of Victor Hugo is in the Pantheon, in Paris. That’s impossible to top, but writers and editors alike can take heart from his example.

Don Webb
Managing Editor
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