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Challenge 705

Who Is You?

  1. In Bill Kowaleski’s “Staging the Attack,” Mira and her allies are confident of capturing Bain and Imelda. Does the chapter give any hint that they may not succeed?

  2. In Ljubo Popovich’s “The River Waits,” does the story distinguish clearly between fiction and reality? Does it overstep BwS’ “dream” guideline?

  3. In Ada Fetters’ “TradeWinds”:

    1. The character “you” is not the reader but is a well-defined personage. What is the advantage in keeping the character offstage while referring to her as “you” rather than “she”?
    2. What different personal ambitions do the characters have?
    3. What current public health crisis does the story depict?
  4. In Lou Antonelli’s “The Shining Crescent”:

    1. How many nuclear rockets were launched? By whom? Why? Who are the political “villains” and “good guys”?
    2. In light of the Fukushima disaster of March 11, 2011, where might the prospect of earthquakes caution against building nuclear-powered desalination plants in the “silver crescent”?
    3. Much of North Africa and the Middle East might find desalination plants desirable. Why might Egypt not need one?

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