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When One Falters

by Allison Grayhurst

The cold and conquered spheres
of a love once endowed with light,
but ruined by faithlessness,
wedges between winter’s strength
and night’s repelling dread.

Always him, thirsting for chaos
to consume, treading on atmospheres
immersed in false perfection. Never him
mourning a tender cry, but crying
of vengeful abandonment, spawns his
curse into every nearing hope.

And she, alone, surrendered to the sacrifice,
pursues a new devotion, walks
from his contagious self-contempt,
loving not his potential but the memory
of his striving heart,
(once fresh with expectation,
now extinguished, turned against itself
like a scorpion cornered).

She alone, accepting the lonely oblivion
of loss, the unquenchable incompleteness, rises
from day to day on mortal ground,

Copyright © 2017 by Allison Grayhurst

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