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Bewildering Stories

Gary Beck, Tremors


Author: Gary Beck
Publisher: Winter Goose Publishing
Date: March 24 2017
ISBN: 1941058647; 978-1941058640

When I was young
time seemed to pass
tortoise slow
agonizing me
trapped in school confines,
sterile rooms,
draining the spirit
from anyone
not facile.

Time speeded up
as I grew up,
though it took a while
for me to notice
and Albert Einstein
further confused me,
relatively speaking,
with theories requiring math
beyond my entropy.

As I grew older
time passed faster,
school days waiting for the bell,
decaying memories.
Vacations whizzed by
before I could enjoy them
and hardly refreshed
rushed back to burdens.

As old age creeps closer
brief time flees faster
and I am uncertain
that I can still accomplish
anything meaningful
in remaining days.


The world has grown smaller
since the information age
captured the human stage.
My world has grown larger
because of all the places
that I will not see
due to my infirmity.

From the Terrace

After thousands of years
of uncomfortable evolution
I sit on concrete balcony,
far removed from nomad hordes,
earlier agricultural enclaves,
medieval conjoinings,
warming myself
in the weak, spring sun,
not entirely different
than an elderly lizard
hulking on a heating rock
lethargically awaiting
the encroaching desert.


I try to sleep
but cannot rest,
consumed by nuclear dreams,
through my fiery brain,
a reminder
of civilization
gone entirely mad.

Middle Class Poets

A tolerant democracy
allows self-full, bloated poets
to hide in a university
sneering at the workings of the world,
secure in the protective cloak of tenure.
Once poet’s voices raised the call
for freedom, other great causes.
Now most wallow in comforts
mumbling impotent objections
to current events
beyond their comprehension.

Copyright © 2017 by Gary Beck

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