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Challenge 715

Chance to Win

  1. In Jeff Dosser‘s “The Swarm.” the zombie roaches eat everything, leaving entire continents lifeless deserts. How long before the roaches start eating each other?

  2. In Gary Clifton’s “New Guns in the Valley,” what event foreshadows Brannigan’s injury?

  3. In Ronald Linson’s “Emergent Properties” what does the cosmic analogy imply about the potential limits on the size of the human brain?

  4. In Oonah V. Joslin’s “Not for the Weak,” is the bird depicted a vulture or an eagle? How do their ecological roles differ? Why might a vulture not be considered “heartless”?

  5. In Denny Marshall’s “The Last Ride”:

    1. The poem appears to use a classic form. What is it?
    2. What does the poem imply about corporeal and transcendental existence?
  6. In Richard Anderson’s “Let It Ride”:

    1. What might happen when the “house” gets the gambling tourists’ magical, winning tinglies?
    2. What will be the payoff at the Kentucky Derby when all the horses finish in a dead heat?
    3. Can the universe exist without chance and probability?

Responses welcome!

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