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Scott E. Green

Scott E. Green had degrees in Asian and Ameican history. He served four terms in the New Hamphsire House of Representatives. He was also Vice-President of the National Writers’ Union and president of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association. He published a directory of poetry in science fiction and horror as well as over 500 poems of his own, including three collections. Four of his poems were nominated for awards, including the Rhysling.

Scott passed away in September 2016.

War Games” was submitted on Scott’s behalf by Herb Kauderer. The poem interprets the 20th-century mythical monster Godzilla as a kind of demon provoking the hubris of warlike humanity while, at the same time, serving as a cautionary figure.

Scott E. Green’s bio sketch can be found here.

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, Scott. We wish we could hear from you again in person soon and often!

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