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The Ultimate Refuge

by Douglas Young

Oh, just to hide under the tide —
There’s a refuge I could abide —
Far removed from all the strife
Dictating a stressful life.

I seek a haven from all my demons
With strength, grit, and grace guided by reason,
Filled up with love and not a worry,
With genuine fun and lack of hurry.

It’s drenched with adventure but nary a care,
And always satisfying just to be there,
Like a joyful journey in the Land of Oz,
With so much variety but so few flaws.

I want to hike up a rainbow
For the kaleidoscopic glow,
Float above my problems
And at last let them go.

Oh, to not have to face
The fact there’s no such place;
Still, there is one realm with a swell ride
In the recesses of my own mind.

Copyright © 2017 by Douglas Young

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