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Challenge 724

A Scythe of Relief?

  1. In David Adès’ “My Imagination Failed Me,” what appears to be the function of the stanza indentations? Could the poem be written in such a way that the stanzas could be read vertically as well as horizontally?

  2. In Michael Díaz Feito’s The Relic-Mongers:

    1. Can the plot be followed without reading the translations?
    2. Although the setting is in the Middle Ages, do the plot and characters have a modern allegory? What and who might be represented?
  3. In Arthur Davis’s “The Games of Fifth Avenue.”:

    1. Why might be the function of the location of the space aliens’ “games”? Would a setting in another country or on another planet make a significant change? If so, how?
    2. What does “The Games of Fifth Avenue” have in common with Michael D. Feito’s The Relic-Mongers? Broad hint: consider the politics.
  4. In Ronald Linson’s “The Preservation of Death”:

    1. Do you think Chad does the right thing in his “Intervention”? Why or why not?
    2. How might the scientist argue his case with Chad?
    3. Why might Chad’s Intervention prove futile?
  5. In David Castlewitz’ “Blitz Kings Minder”:

    1. Is there any connection between Darby’s preoccupation with her love life and Odin’s temporary escape?
    2. The referees put a “holographic” ball in play. Do the blitzball players not play with a real ball? Or is the rebroadcast of the game a hologram?
    3. The blitzball team is traveling by rail rather than air. Aside from using a train as a dramatic device, what might explain the anachronism?

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