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An Interview with Edward Ahern

Our Review and Coordinating Editor Edward Ahern has been interviewed on John McMullen’s radio show, on August 20. Highly recommended!

Please don’t be deterred by the first 50 seconds of the broadcast, which is almost all noise. “Johnmac,” as he likes to be called, was well prepared for the interview, and Ed has a good “radio voice.”

The interview is refreshingly unhurried. You’ll hear Ed in conversation, and you’ll come away with a picture of him as a real person. He talks calmly and quite modestly — but candidly — about his varied careers in the military, business and journalism.

Both Ed and the interviewer provide a lot of useful information about writers’ groups: not only where some are located but, most importantly, what they do. Best of all, Ed is a prolific writer in both poetry and prose. He gives the listeners — without moralizing — a vital clue to success: he’s always learning. One example among many can be heard in his preface to a reading of his poem “The Shoal.”

I hasten to thank Ed for his kind words about Bewildering Stories. And, when asked about our prepublication policy, Ed summed it up as neatly as anyone could, with due credit to our Prepublications Manager. Now we need excerpts and reprints of his works that have become “hard to find.” And, who knows, maybe Ed and “Johnmac” will have steered other contributors our way, as well.

Here’s the link to the radio interview.

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