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Actualized Malfeasance

by Channie Greenberg

Malfeasance actualized by bovids tends to josh country bumpkins, to up prices
With compounded frequency customary and antithetical to unborn children.
It likewise alters powder rooms, modernizes kitchen ceiling fans, plates spinach.

The professional sport of basketball, all’s said and done, features crummy headgear.
If organized games employed more communication devices, there’d be less foozles.
Format remains advantageous for scoffing at referees, containing effluvium, snoring.

It takes a skilled, traditional chandler to know how to use jiggery-pokery extractions.
Ordinarily, constructions of mosaics, especially when strictly enforced by border cops,
Get envied; contemporary culture’s artifacts and technologies, given alacrity, often rot.

Empty pie racks, in hometown shops, evidence humanity’s ongoing destruction.
Despite evidence that everyone on the Bright Side cares about gender obligations.
Cutting swaths in immature forests frees mainly culprits of backyard culpability.

When there’s four square to play, physics to ace, and simple computers to build,
Starting points, on both sides of the moon, quail at systemic assignation processes.
Meaning, phenomena arise afore epistemic deceptions of multitudinous precision.

Copyright © 2017 by Channie Greenberg

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