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Soft Words and Whispers

by Channie Greenberg

Soft words and whispers
(Not some new advocacy
Evoked in sultry, foreign
Climes or in exotic heart
Winds, all fiery fumarole,
Much lambent sentiment)
Draw me to untried paths.

Forfend that we should ever
Allow open feelings’ waves
To sift stimuli, make possible
Our sewing closer together,
Cause us noticing each other
As ultimate balance, as life’s
Hoped-for, needed equipoise.

Rather, we land our plans
Like elephants, engage one
Another like baboons, ask
For impossible resources,
Merely to maintain giraffes’
Opinions (our pledges left
To rot in private corners).

Maybe, instead of accusing,
Of skimping on alternating,
Defaulting vows, bringing
Suit on precious expectations,
We could study each other’s
Needs, stop plaguing. Recall,
After you learned my name,
You offered me yours.

Copyright © 2017 by Channie Greenberg
artwork by by Nancy L. Ramsey

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