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Keats’s Quantic Entanglement

by Sultana Raza

Coat too thin, but smiles were warm,
For all his sagesse, the poet didn’t age much,
His synesthesia more unusual than norm.

If dreams could waft, or talk, or touch,
Were his associations his only sin?
Too tightly his reality, he needn’t clutch.

Perhaps in a parallel world that spins,
Perchance more years he’s got to spare,
Thousands of turnings more he wins.

Could one find there some fragments rare?
Could he have survived sick disease’s storm?
Can it only be reached by star-dust stair?

* *

[Author’s note] This is a fantastical speculation as to whether one might find some more of Keats’s writings through a quantic entanglement with a parallel dimension.

Copyright © 2017 by Sultana Raza

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