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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 737

Hold Your Breath

  1. In Charles C. Cole’s “Performance Art in Hollywood”:

    1. Is the story a satire? If so, what does it satirize?
    2. Bonus question: In what way is the story akin to J. B. Ballard’s short stories?
  2. In Alison McBain’s review of Dr. Fred Nour’s True Love, how might writers — perhaps less scientifically inclined — use such classic summaries as Stendhal’s On Love (1822) and Andreas Capellanus’ The Art of Courtly Love (12th century)?
    Bonus Challenge: Send us a love story based on either one.

  3. In Jonah Kruvant’s “Imagine His Thoughts”:

    1. Why does Simon not warn Sara and their friends in ARM of the impending raid?
    2. Who might be the prime suspect in killing Simon? How does the plot sidestep BwS’ “dead narrator“ guideline?
    3. In what way might Simon’s relationship with Sara be a kind of artistic masterpiece?
  4. In Mar Na Carter’s “Fly, Bird, Fly”:

    1. Does anyone have a black towel? What is the dramatic function of the scene where Faith confronts James in his search for a white towel?
    2. Does Faith’s aunt know that Father Lovely and the deacon will drown her?
    3. Could Father Lovely realistically recruit his armed militia within the community? Why are the congregants surprised?
    4. Bonus question: In what way does the story echo parts of Karen Armstrong’s The Battle for God?

Responses welcome!

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