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Challenge 740

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  1. In Ronald Linson’s “Child of Winter”:

    1. What is the effect of the archaic language? What difference would “you” instead of “thou” make?
    2. How might the poem end with a four-verse final stanza?
  2. In Isabelle Kenyon’s “Scheherezade,” is the tyrant a “masochist” or a sadist? If he’s a masochist, does he endure Scheherezade’s stories? If he’s a sadist, does he enjoy her discomfort at having to tell those stories?

  3. In Ásgrímur Hartmannsson’s “Green Meadows,” is Jonas a psychopath? How might Jonas be expected to treat the woman he meets in Spain, especially if he suspects her of being happy?

  4. In Roy Dorman’s “The House Across the Street”:

    1. The detectives have a warrant to examine Andrew Benson’s automobile. Do they have a reason to examine the one across the street first?
    2. Will Jenny ever suspect her mother’s interference? Will Martha ever get caught?
  5. In Edward Ahern’s “Remedial Fae,” does Josea give George good advice as well as an effective remedy? Or does Josea really rate only a score of four out of five?

  6. In Robin Helweg-Larsen’s “Space Colonization”:

    1. What accounts for the “purity” of space?
    2. What might “decompression” imply?
    3. Does the poem implictly justify the history of colonization on Earth?
    4. What practical obstacles stand in the way of space colonization?

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