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James Krehbiel

James is finishing a career as a professional violinist and has turned to writing. Although he says he is “new” to prose fiction, he has enjoyed considerable success, including a story nominated for an award. Playing the violin is a fine art indeed, and the attention to minute detail it requires has gone into the story serialized in issues 740 through 742.

Pure in Their Own Eyes is complete on line as of issue 740; just follow the links. The story is told mostly but not exclusively from the point of view of Sarah, who is the half-sister of Daniel. They share the same father, Joseph, but not the same mother. Readers may come away with the moral that Sarah’s and Daniel’s happiness is other people’s horror.

James Krehbiel’s bio sketch can be found here.

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, Jim. We’re glad to have this carefully crafted story with us!

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