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Run, Run, Run

by Dhruvi Modi

The world demands that you run,
Run for survival.
I asked my friend,
“Isn’t that what animals do?”
He said we are social animals.
Then I asked my siblings.
They answered, “We run to earn.”
Then I asked my granny.
Her reply: “You run to learn
And not to earn.”

“What do you learn?” I asked again.
She said the answer lies within.
Ask yourself: what do you want to learn?
My instinctive answer:
“To make tons of chocolate.”

Life went on, year after year.
The answer changed every time.
Learn to earn knowledge,
Then learn how to make money,
Then learn to be happy,
Then learn to keep a child smiling.

One day I asked myself again,
Sitting on the porch in a wheelchair,
A necessity these days:
What did you actually learn?
The answer came that day,
Moistening my eyes.

I was meant to run after happiness,
For deep satisfaction with myself,
To learn how to live life,
Because time never waits.
It is not we who have to run,
It is time that runs.
Time runs out before you know it.
What you need to learn
Is the time within yourself.

So I say again:
Run, run, run.
But don’t let your time run out on you.

Copyright © 2017 by Dhruvi Modi

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