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Attack on an Evil God

by Ásgrímur Hartmannsson

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Chapter 17: Admiring the View

Freyja fed Maggi another pill to keep him awake and vigilant, to his annoyance, but he decided to tolerate it. He went and got them all some shakes, then drove to Sealcub Cove and parked beside the church there on top of the hill, with a view over to the Pearl.

“This is nice,” he said when he had turned off the engine and made himself as comfortable as possible. “I can’t even hear the gunfire from here.”

They sat and quietly watched the scenery.

“Look at the sky,” said Anna after long sip.

They did. The sky was a bit weird-looking, overcast as happens, but with purple clouds gathering over the Pearl. It looked like the sun was going down, but it was still just after noon.

“Huh, weird,” said Maggi, and sipped some more shake. Despite the drugs, he was rather out of it.

“I think the ritual has begun,” said Freyja.

“Wasn’t Goat Boy supposed to take care of that?” asked Anna.

“I just hope he’s alive.”

“He cannot be killed. You said so.”

* * *

Dora gathered together the remaining emissaries. Two of them were dead, three too injured to participate, but there were still six left alive and uninjured, including the most important one: Dieter Bauer.

She had them arrange their chairs in a circle, in order to pray for the victims. That was her story anyway.

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