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Zombie Apocalypse

by Robin Helweg-Larsen

Zombie Apocalypse.
Humans have always had
End-times fear: Ragnarok,
Judgment Day, World War III,
Comet strike, Y2K,
Supervolcano. Well,
You get my drift.

Zombie Apocalypse.
There’s a pandemic and
AI has run amuck.
This is no practice round,
This is for real!

Zombie Apocalypse.
Head for a tropic isle,
Live on fish, coconuts.
Solar will last a few
Years, then corrode.

Zombie Apocalypse.
Walls can be built without
Concrete or plastering,
Fight infestations of
Zombies and dogs.

As the world splits in two,
All the Enhanced are gone,
Gone to the Cloud and space;
Only the Left Behind
Scrabble, deteriorate,
Left in the dirt and ash,
Left on the Earth.

I, the last poet, am
Here on Earth’s farthest beach,
Toweled, not panicking,
Waiting for Branson and
Musk in their ships.

Copyright © 2017 by Robin Helweg-Larsen

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