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The Herald

by Robin Helweg-Larsen

Muse I adore, inspiring calm and storm,
Bringing my trumpet and my uniform,
Come, climb the castle stairs, now is the hour!
I have a favourite crenellated tower
Which overlooks the crowded marketplace
Where short-lived people run their endless race,
Buying and selling, shouting, jostling,
Kissing and parting, halting, gossiping,
Intent upon the instant in their sight,
Thinking no further than the coming night,
Thoughtless of forces that create a town
(The kings whose purpose always is their crown),
Unthinking of what wears or tears it down,
And ignorant of what, from overseas,
Approaches on the road hidden by trees:
Invading and inexorable force
With tanks to fight against our pike and horse,
To overthrow old ways and give in place
New global deathless lives that reach to Space...
Hand me my trumpet, Muse!

Copyright © 2017 by Robin Helweg-Larsen

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