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No Time for Nothing

by Alexander Wang

Like a race car
my thoughts spill out
A mile a minute.
Strange things I shout.

Adjectives, nouns, verbs,
Words sloppily slip-slapped together:
Names, exclamations, obscenities,
the more vowels the better.

I forget to consider feelings
as I spurt words without meanings,
A wonderful cacophony produced by yours truly.

Shock and disbelief appear on her face,
But I am in a race.

I have no time to stay and chat,
I need to rhyme, I need to do that.

She is left stuttering, coughing and choking.
Sorry for the things I said,
but I cannot help it.
She has a brain in her head,
I have a twin turbo engine instead.

Copyright © 2018 by Alexander Wang

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