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Challenge 757

Book End

  1. In Joyce Meggett’s “On Reading a Bird”:

    1. How might “small death” have both a figurative and literal meaning?
    2. In what way does the ending recall the title?
  2. In Gary Clifton’s “Killer Clan”:

    1. How many villains are at the farm when Elizabeth and Mary arrive?
    2. Who would be more likely to tell the “Nervous Kid” about his likely fate at Huntsville Prison: Elizabeth or Brannigan?
    3. In what way does the plot recall that of the film High Noon?
  3. In A. A. Khayyat’s “Void and Repair”:

    1. What verbal tic indicates that the physician may be incompetent?
    2. Does a progression take place in parts 3 and 4? Could it be condensed?
    3. What role reversal takes place? In what way does June become Stellan’s “anchor”?
    4. What other works of film or prose literature use the dramatic device of amnesia or thought-transference?
  4. In Ronald Linson’s “All Reapers Come”:

    1. What happens to the souls that the Reapers collect?
    2. Who approaches Chad at the end?
    3. Who is the spirit of “eternal destruction”?
    4. Why does the blame for destruction fall upon the figure who is speaking to Chad?
  5. In Roy Dorman’s “A Half-Pitcher of House Red”:

    1. How does Jasmine feel about Lisa?
    2. How will Jasmine explain what happens to Ronnie?
  6. In James Robert Rudolph’s “Paean to a Dope”:

    1. Who is the “dope” and why?
    2. Who or what is Carrie?

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