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The Cult of Cute

by Kaci Skiles Laws

Pulled through canals,
Procedures to proceed,
Practices take no heed,
Wants consume needs.

Doll them up in mesh
Of Velcro claws,
Pose them for applause
Throughout each
Shrill cry’s pause.

Prop them up,
Make them walk,
‘Mimic me,’
The ways I talk,
Seal their minds up
With caulk.

Tune them out with TV,
Talking machine screens.
Leave them be,
Fending for a friend
In bully land.

Add puppet strings
When they get too free,
Make them buckle at the knee,
Now say smile and say cheese
Only if the angle and the light are
Perfectly, just right.

Paint their hands and feet,
Tell them how to feel,
Think, and speak,
When they weep empathy
Takes a backseat.

Welcome to the Cult of Cute,
We have been waiting for you!

The most important thing we teach,
To teach and use is


And don’t forget blatant or covert abuse
Those you get to choose!

The Clan of the Obtuse

Copyright © 2018 by Kaci Skiles Laws

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