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Brian L. Steed

Brian L. Steed is a Lt. Colonel (retired) and currently a senior fellow with Narrative Strategies, which studies counter-terrorism, defeating violent extremism, irregular warfare, large-scale conflict mediation, and peace-building. His military experience is quite extensive, with more than eight years in the Middle East. He has published extensively on military theory and history and on cultural awareness.

In the essay “A Commentary on ‘Without Sky’,” readers will find a fascinating compilation of reactions to the science fiction story by Natan Dubovitsky (real name: Vladislav Surkov). The story itself gives a Russian point of view about foreign policy.

In that regard, the story seems to confirm what history has observed. It doesn’t matter what form of government Russia has or who the head of state may be: a tsar, a general-secretary, a commissar, a president or whatever. Russian foreign policy has remained the same over the centuries: protection against invasion from all points of the compass. In a country that has no natural land borders, the fear is ever-present that invading horsemen will come riding once again.

Brian L. Steed’s bio sketch can be found here.

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, Mr. Steed. We welcome a point of view from a professional reader!

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