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The Bourdain Epitaph

[A Review Editor writes] Thanks, Don, for the Anthony Bourdain memorial. He was a complex celebrity: at times profoundly insightful, at times way too full of himself. But the big wheel keeps turning. Time buries everything.

[Don W.] And thank you for calling attention to it. Otherwise, early readers of issue 765 — Review Editors and contributors alike — might never even know it’s there.

Does time bury everything? I think, rather, that people and history make the choices for good or ill. Cyrano’s enemies tried to kill him and his work. They succeeded — until now. BwS has resurrected Cyrano at least in The Other World.

Episode 28 is one of the longest in The Other World. And it may seem an odd tribute to Anthony Bourdain until one draws the conclusion, which was bound to infuriate the dogmatists of both Cyrano’s time and today: “If a cabbage deserves so much respect when we cannot prove or disprove that it thinks and feels, what do people deserve, when we know they do?”

In Parts Unknown, Anthony Bourdain has thrown a party for humanity by inviting us viewers and the people of the world to be dinner-table companions.

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