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Edward Ahern, The Witches’ Bane

The Witches’ Bane
Author: Edward Ahern
Publisher: Fairfield Scribes
Retailer: Amazon
Date: July 21, 2018
Length: 160 pages
ISBN: 1949122026; 978-1949122022

Voted Editors’ Choice in the 2018 Second Quarterly Review and a Mariner Award recipient in 2018 at Bewildering Stories magazine.

Gordon Lormor is a defrocked priest and con man. And something more.

He treads a path between light and dark magic, a risky journey he avoids unless he’s required to take it.

But his ex-girlfriend makes a fear-laced telephone call to him, pleading that he come to Vermont and free her from a witches’ coven. Gordon leaves his business, Profane Possibilities, in the care of his assistant and drives north.

Death arrives before he does, and Gordon tasks himself with solving the murder and eradicating the coven. As his situation worsens, he asks for help from both his decidedly unfeminine assistant AJ and a Catholic cardinal.

Death revisits often as Gordon, joined by AJ, picks open the protective scab the witches have clotted over their activities. He teeters further and further over the edges of physical and spiritual death as he struggles to prevent infant sacrifice and solve the murder of the woman he had loved.

The Witches’ Bane is a 160-page paranormal thriller. Available in paperback with a retail price of $7.99 and an eBook price of $0.99. Published through Fairfield Scribes and available as of July 21, 2018. For information or to request a review copy, contact Alison McBain:

Edward Ahern resumed writing after forty odd years in foreign intelligence and international sales. During that time he lived in Germany, Japan and England, and visited seventy-six countries. He has his original wife, but advises that after fifty years they are both out of warranty. Edward has had over two hundred short stories and poems published thus far.

Copyright © 2018 by Edward Ahern

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