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by Ljubo Popovich

You buried me where I was born
Under a rose bush full of thorns,
You cast a net over my head,
And caught my dreams between the threads.

When will the sand
Close my eyes again?

I had to grow into this skin,
My waxy features tighten,
The fertile crescent of your grin
Is a flash of lightning.

When will the dust
Get out of my eyes?
When will I take off
This gruesome disguise?

I curl up in honeycomb,
And crystallize in amber foam,
Like a cough drop in your pocket,
Fallen out of an empty eye socket.

When will the sand
Wash away the sea?
When will you ever
Say that you love me?

You found an apple in my eye,
And shot it out like William Tell,
And when you told me I would die,
I told you you could go to hell.

As my head peeks from the sand,
My body sinks in the mire.
Incubated by the moon,
I palpitate and perspire.

When will the stars
Fall into the ocean?
When will amnesia
Make way for emotion?

I’ll dig a tunnel till I’m free,
Cross the desert into the sea.
And if the world never ends,
I’ll come up fast and get the bends.

I wait because I know your hand
Will close my eyes again.

Copyright © 2018 by Ljubo Popovich

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