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Stack of Sunsets

by Ljubo Popovich

Sunsets crumble between my thumbs,
A million pill bugs fill my lungs.

Ask the past to save my name.
I filter coffee through my brain.

Banish dreamland,
Exile sorrow,

Find the cure for growing old
In the bottom of the cereal bowl.

A burning tree in silhouette.
You’re the first girl I ever met.

Empty clouds, one-sided jewels:
I shovel sunsets into pools.

I’ll take the train, out of town,
Bum a ride, and sleep around.

Until I jump out of my skin
I ice-skate over nitroglycerine.

Sunsets crumble as I cry,
The sun bakes like an apple pie.

Sunsets bursting in my mouth,
Spitting images into clouds.

Stack of sunsets
Piping hot.

Dawn is waiting
To tie the knot.

Copyright © 2018 by Ljubo Popovich

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