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You Can’t Handle Full Sun

by Robin Helweg-Larsen

I woke as the sun was setting.
Wait, I said, I want day
I want the glory of full light.
It said, You should have woken sooner,
But this is the more interesting time,
This is transition to night.
Night, too, has its beauty,
Has a dark beauty.

No, I said, Day is the theme.
Night’s only a variation,
Not interesting in itself.
But, it said, dark is relaxing
Dark lets you sleep.

Dark is death, I said,
Dark is where we go to NOT live, not to be active.
You couldn’t handle full light, it said,
Couldn’t live on the sun
And even at 93 million miles from the sun,
8 minutes 20 secs from the sun,
You can’t live in full sun,
Have to have shade, hats, houses, trees, caves
Or be somewhere oblique to full sun.
Come, try the dark.
Try the darkness between the stars.

Copyright © 2018 by Robin Helweg-Larsen

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