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No Plans

by Boris Kokotov

He’s a maintenance man
working five days a week
from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

He has a house, a wife,
and two small dogs.
He also has a daughter

who recently got married.
She’s gonna make him a grandpa.
He’s not excited about it.

On weekdays he comes home at five.
His wife fixes a dinner. Afterward
he usually sprawls on the sofa

in the living room watching TV
for a few hours. Dogs are around.
He goes to bed at ten.

He spends weekends in front
of TV, drinking beer
and smoking cigarettes.

He sticks to the sports channels.
He doesn’t really want
to go anywhere on vacation

so his wife goes someplace
with her girlfriend or her mom
while he stays at home

with his dogs, his TV,
his beer, and his smoke.
He has no complaints, he’s content.

“Life is what happens
when you are busy
making other plans.”

What if there are none?

Copyright © 2019 by Boris Kokotov

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