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Fantastic and Incendiary

by Channie Greenberg

Going forward both bounded and amorphic,
Seeking the guidance of a more learned sop,
I’ve tussled with moss, stones, wild critters,
But gotten copper, not gold-leafed, lollipops.

Consistency, certainty, valor may well ring,
Sufficient as palpable, also superior things,
Characteristic of influenced, bemused stouts,
Fawning to all manner of unsullied twaddle.

See, insouciant grammars, also semantic isthmuses,
Like relativistic statements, surplus county bridges,
Given midlife issues of rhetorical excellence, pour
Vinegar over tulips, sweetbriars, and crucial silage.

Actinic results convey unease as chocolate ice cream’s
Lesser involvements arrange sundry debauched dreams.
Notice, the difference between “idealized” and “realized”
Overflows as to generate peculiar eclipsing of directives.

Writing, relationships, and self-care need attention.
Stymied by unnecessary mysteries, those workings
Sit up, collect adolescents, sell at street corners, beg.
Our society’s forgotten to thwart verbal marauding.

Copyright © 2019 by Channie Greenberg

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