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Atypical to Grant
a Speculative Fiction Publisher

by Channie Greenberg

Tripe often reinforces the notion that unexpected, chiefly unpleasant judgments
Perform ballet in doctors’ cafeterias or form imaginary friends out of meatloaf.

Note: creatives request reimbursement for reasonable travel, lodging, meals,
Yet data uploads for smarty teens should never supplant fleshy consiglieres.

Constraint without clauses, after all, proves that notices often sent by email
Signed as received, then doused with rubber chickens’ plasma, have worth.

Public concerns notwithstanding, the senescence of hamsters brings about
Closure with publishers because their facial features have proven character.

Obligations to preside over talks, contrariwise, make it redundant to attack
Wee mammals rumored as traveling on book tours, else holding civic office.

From the betting pool to the swimming jungle, pretty boys can’t be pictured
Whenever sticky wickets interrupt the recommendation of papers to presses.

Most often, when asking for clarification on electronic distributions of work,
Writers need language about cover design to be approved by their mommies.

For every behavior model of personal dissonance, many pages get shredded,
Likewise, advocates rarely raise concerns about authors’ rights and freedoms.

Online promotions aside, equally Internet reading fairs discounted, there’s little
Storytellers are able to do to certify that their children receive reliable attention.

Few suppliers, after all, willingly agree to take on the cost of marketing, unless
It’s predetermined that lots of zeroes in profit, plus cheap renown are guaranteed.

Copyright © 2019 by Channie Greenberg

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