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The Art of Sky Dancing

by Thulani Elvis Buthelezi

Cries as rain crammed in cloven clouds,
Spring has come, sprinkling teardrops.
By rainfall mute, the art of sky will dance inwards;
Sobbing faces to dry after the rainfall’s gone away;
No more clouds reshuffle to select rain.

Sky-chest: numerous elusive tales at stake,
Thunder will brood clandestinely;
Tears as rain are no more to be seen.
Voices will express foreboding, few cords dangling
To reveal some other time in reminiscence;
All tales linger incomplete on the tongue.

Sky dancing lightning unfolds, refulgent,
My dynamo burns, ambushing feelings.
Little by little, the altitude of my desires tarries
Shattered, bottle-like as when lightning strikes.
All stomping storms relate to dance as they
Unfold, where all pain and memories lie.

Copyright © 2019 by Thulani Elvis Buthelezi

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