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Challenge 806

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  1. In Charles C. Cole’s Mr. Pater Holidays in Maine, who or what, exactly, is Mr. Pater?

  2. In L. S. Popovich’s Echoes From Dust, what conflicts does Isalia seem to have with Ovid and Remera?

  3. In Jerine P. Watson’s The Love Letter:

    1. What is Vera going to do with her meat cleaver now that she has used it to kill her seven cats?
    2. What might Al have done rather than invite trouble with his provocative letter?
  4. In Paul Edward Costa’s Priests of the Khravik:

    1. How big is the dry lake?
    2. What might become of Rahl, now that he has been absorbed by the Khravik?
    3. What seems to be the function of the priests? What will they do when the other Titanides arrive?
    4. Is the story complete, or does it seem to be an initial chapter in a larger story?

Responses welcome!

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