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The Divine Arts

by Alan Garfoot

To the greatest powers above
Which ascended to the heavens
Through the powers and abilities
Of the truly sacred ancient Ark
That holy and divine connection
Between the fledgling Human race
And a cosmos of infinite beauty
Ruled by the Angelic masters
Of such perfected and pure essences
That deep within their souls align
To the harmonics of universal love
For their hearts are of an inner purity
And deep within a spiritual wisdom
And have minds of tranquil focus
Together unified in spiritual inspiration
Manifesting through their empowerment
Through the metaphysics of their minds
An evolved and intuitive mental science
So we contemplate the nature of being
And the fundamental essences of reality
That we can re-equate our inner beliefs
Through re-understanding who we are
And the place of humanity in the cosmos

Copyright © 2019 by Alan Garfoot

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