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What’s in Issue 808

Novel Riku learns more about her new friend, Telos. On a secret mission, a priestess, Cyona, shows Riku the monsters’ real threat to Mitchlum and the surrounding countryside.
L. S. Popovich, Echoes From Dust
Chapter 19: Reservoir
Chapter 20: The Net
The old saying “You are what you eat” takes on new meaning if one eats ghosts: Will Bernardara, Jr., Spook on Rye: a Meta Ghost Story.

When space invaders take over, some people adapt better than others: Catherine J. Link, Nothing To Be Afraid Of, part 1; part 2; conclusion.

New contributor Vicente Riva Palacio shows how reincarnation can be an exceedingly convenient rationale for An Unequal Marriage — translation by Toshiya Kamei.
Perilous is the publisher whose priority is punctuation: Channie Greenberg, Owmapow Rides Again.
Poetry Ed Blundell, Rites of Spring
Jerome Malenfant, The Sirens
New contributor Harris Coverley, Don’t Praise the Machine
Donna Dallas, Midnight in the Garden of Words
Alan Garfoot, A Creed of Peace


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Harris Coverley.
Challenge Challenge 808 does a dainty Dance Around the Donut.
The Art
Richard Ong, Bounty Huntress

A randomly rotating selection of Bewildering Stories’ art
NASA: Picture of the Day
Sky and Telescope, This Week’s Sky at a Glance

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“Poems are not made with ideas; they are made with words.” — Stéphane Mallarmé
Ars longa, vita brevis. Rough translation: “Proofreading never ends.”

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