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Challenge 809

Off Is the Next Stop

  1. In Edward Ahern’s Biosphere: How does the poet know that the skunk under the porch is fat? Has he examined it, with predictable consequences?

  2. In K. Noel Moore’s The Friendless Unburied:

    1. The story depicts not “resurrection” but resuscitation. What’s the difference?
    2. In what way or ways is the “resurrection” particular? Does it apply only to WW2 or to others, as well?
  3. In Gary Clifton’s Small Matters:

    1. Mihal has a limited knowledge of Romanian. What language does he speak?
    2. What is the function of Mihal’s and Maria’s physical stature? Does it afford any special advantage? If it incurs a handicap, what is its source?
    3. The revolution succeeds not by Mihal’s leadership alone. Identify at least two other indispensable factors.
  4. In Ronald Linson’s Little Brother:

    1. Will increasing the mass of Mars change its orbit? If so, will it affect that of other planets, including Earth?
    2. If the Solar System had three inner planets with spacefaring life, would they all be making plans to Terraform, “Venusify” and “Marsiform” each other?
  5. In Nick Pipitone’s Strange Planet:

    1. If we’re not allowed to ask questions, who — or what — is?
    2. How would the voice be perceived if it were soprano rather than baritone?
    3. When and where did life and death first begin?
    4. Isn’t everyone aware that consciousness is transmigrated for no apparent reason?
    5. Have you channeled your previous existence as a Martian lately?
  6. In Sam Buckley’s Flora of the Fifty Flames:

    1. Which of the Four Horsemen do the space invaders most represent: War, Famine, Disease or Death?
    2. Are any of the “Interlopers” ever seen in person?
    3. If the “Inters’” purpose is merely to dig up mud, for some obscure reason, why do they seem to be an ill-tempered lot with more brawn than brains? Do they resemble any Earthly colonizers?
    4. Why is Adam initially so reluctant to join the resistance? Doesn’t Flora have more likely recruits?
    5. What is the source, exactly, of the resistance’s new weaponry? Does it imply that NATO may need to seek a new purpose?

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